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Why Change Your Oil | Peru, IL

Why Change Your Oil | Coronet Mitsubishi | Peru, IL
Car owners at least vaguely know that they are supposed to get their oil changed, but for many, the when, why, and where of this essential service process are confusing.

When should I change my oil?

This is the simplest oil change question to answer: approximately every 5,000 miles. (If your vehicle is over 10 years old, you may want to bump up your frequency to every 3,000 miles.) Keeping to this basic schedule is the best way to ensure the long-lasting health of your car’s motor.

Why should I change my oil?

This question is a little more involved; there are five major benefits to regularly changing your oil:
  1. Your engine stays lubricated. When your engine gets hot and is not properly lubricated, all the little moving pistons, valves, gears, and more will wear down rapidly, possibly leading to costly repairs.
  2. Your engine stays free of sludge and particulates. Dirt, dust, dredge, debris — it’s all deadly to your vehicle’s engine. A well-oiled engine stays clean and, therefore, healthy.
  3. Your engine stays cool. Temperatures under your hood start to rise when you fall behind on your regular oil change schedule. Over-heating is another issue that can lead to expensive repairs for your engine.
  4. Your engine stays efficient. You’ll notice a rapid decrease in MPG if you keep driving too long after that 5,000 mile mark.
  5. Your car stays your car longer. If your engine is healthy, chances are your whole car is healthy, too. This means you can get more bang for your buck and avoid the hassles of car shopping for a whole lot longer.  

Where should I change my oil?

Right here at Coronet Mitsubishi! Call our service department to schedule your next oil change.

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