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Common Mitsubishi Service Terms at Coronet Mitsubishi

Not everyone is interested in cars, but a lack of interest could leave the average driver out of the loop, especially when it comes to service terminology. While any certified technician will be happy to explain specific terms, drivers can save time by having a basic knowledge of the vocabulary.

Take a look at the following common service terms then pay a visit to the Coronet Mitsubishi service department to have your vehicle inspected.
Aftermarket Part – Any part that isn’t created by the original vehicle manufacturer is considered an aftermarket part. Generally, aftermarket parts are not sold through certified dealerships. As a result, most automotive manufacturers will not offer a warranty on these parts.
Catalytic Converter – An exhaust system that helps control a vehicle’s emissions is the catalytic converter. Put simply, the catalytic converter cleans the engine exhaust before releasing it through the tailpipe. This is an essential component in most states, especially those that have frequent inspections.
Curb Weight – The weight of a car with a full tank of gas, and nothing more, is referred to as the curb weight. The vehicle’s weight will increase with passengers and cargo.
OEM – Referring to the original equipment manufacturer, OEM generally comes attached to parts made by the manufacturer at the production facility. Certified dealerships offer OEM parts for repair and replacement in vehicles.
Front Wheel Drive – Commonly abbreviated as FWD, the front-wheel drive system powers the front wheels alone. It is commonly found on passenger cars and SUVs.
Rear Wheel Drive – Like front wheel drive, a rear-wheel drive system powers the rear wheels alone. In trucks, this is referred to as a 4X2 system. It’s also commonly found in sports and performance cars.
Now that you have a basic knowledge of common service terms, it’s time to make sure your car is properly maintained. Keeping up with routine maintenance, like oil changes, is pertinent to a long, efficient lifespan. Make a service appointment with us today!

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